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Blindman's Bluff Game

How to play the kids game of Blind Man's Bluff.
Blindfolded player tries to find other players and identify them.

Items Needed to Play:
Blindfold and a large flat space with no obstacles that is safe for the person blindfolded.



How to Play:
Players scatter and try to avoid being touched by the player who is blindfolded.  They must feel the face of the person they tagged and say out loud who it is.  If the person is correctly identified they become the next blindfolded player and the game starts again. 

Whenever a player is tagged  they are out of the game.  Play continues until all players have been tagged.

Set Up:
Choose the who will be "it" and blindfold them

Blindman's Bluff should always be played in an area that is free of obstacles so the player that is blindfolded will not be injured from hitting or tripping over something during the game.

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Fun Games Kids Play
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