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Canadian Four Corners

How to Play the fun outdoor kids game of Canadian Four Corners
(For an inside classroom game version see Four Corners)


What you need to play:

5 players and a large square drawn in chalk or the dirt.

Object of the game: Trade places in the square without being tagged by “it”.

Set up the game: Draw a large square ( at least 15’ on each side).

How to Play: Four players stand on each of the corners of the square while “it” stand in the middle of the square. The players try and trade places without being tagged by “it” and without letting the corner be vacant long enough for “it” to stand in the corner. If a player is tagged or left without a corner to stand in then they become “it”.

Strategy: Try and swap corners while “it” is busy chasing the other players.


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How to Play:

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Fun Games Kids Play

Fun Games Kids Play

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