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H.O.R.S.E Game

Fun basketball game for 1 or more players. Challenge to make baskets from different spots on the court depending on where the player ahead of you made their last shot.  If you miss a basketball shot you get a letter in the word Horse.  Complete directions and instructions for the game of Horse. 

What you need to play:
Basketball goal and basketball

Object of the game:
Make baskets - for missed shots receive a letter (H O R S E).  

The first one to spell out HORSE looses the game.


Set up the game:
Choose the order in which players will shoot baskets for the game. 







How to Play HORSE:
First player picks where he wants to shoot the ball.
If he makes the basket the next player must shoot the ball from the same spot.
If he misses the basket then the second player shoots from wherever he wants.
If the first player makes the basket, but the second player misses - then the second player receives a letter in the word HORSE.
With each missed shot - only after the player before them makes a shot - players add a letter.
When they have spelled HORSE they are out of the game.



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