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Hula Hoopla Game

Fun game to play with a hula hoop for birthday parties, at the park, at home or whenever you need a fun and easy idea to keep kids busy.

How to play the game of Hula Hoopla

Need to play :
2 hula hoops

Object of the Hula Hoopla Game:
Get a hula hoop from one end of a line of kids and back without releasing hands.  


Set up for the game:
Separate kids into 2 equal teams. 
Have them line up in a line.
Give each team one hula hoop.

How to Play: Team line up in a line and hold hands.  The first person in line steps through the hula hoop and passes it to the next person in line without letting go of their hands.  Continue down the line until the hula hoop reaches the end and then send it back again.  The first team to get the hula hoop down the line and back first wins.

If a team lets go of their hands the hula hoop must go back to the beginning person and the team must start again. 

Variations for the game:
Use 4 or more hula hoops at one time. 

Fun to play at birthday parties !


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