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Mother May I?

How to play the game of Mother May I?  

    Object of the Game: By following different commands the winner of Mother May I is the first one to reach the “mother”

What to do first: Choose who will be the mother. Have the mother stand at one end of the playing area and the rest of the children line up side by side at the opposite end of the yard.

How to Play
: “Mother” calls each child by name one at a time and tells them to take a random number of steps towards them. For example the “mother” will say “Bobby, take 3 giant steps.” Before the player takes the steps they must ask the “mother” .. “Mother may I?”. The mother then answers “Yes you may.” The player then may take the steps towards the “mother”.

If the player forgets to ask “Mother may I?” after getting directions on the type of steps he should take he must go back to the starting line or home.

The first player to reach “mother” gets to be the new “mother”. The types of steps should vary with each child. Some examples are: giant, tiny, baby, crawling, twirling, backwards, marching steps.

Variation: The word “Captain” can be exchanged for “Mother”.





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