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Tag Games

Many different versions and variations of the game of tag

Our favorite ways kids play the outdoor game of Tag:

Reverse Tag
Freeze Tag
TV Tag

Great for kids to get outside to excercise and play with their friends!  
For fun ways to choose who's it see our You're it page. 

Items Needed to Play:
Nothing except kids


Tag Games and Variations


How to Play:  Players choose who will be the Tagger to start the game. Once the tagger has been chosen they run to another player and touch them and say "Tag, you're it!".  Then the player that was tagged becomes the Tagger and they find another player to Tag.  

Set Up:
Choose a large area to play the game of Tag. 
Set up simple boundries so players have to stay within the playing field. 
No tackling or tagging rough.

Traditional tag game
Tag is a simple and fun game to play. It is easy to learn and fun for
children of all ages. Tag is played very simply. One person is chosen to be "it". Then "it" runs
around chasing the others players. When "it" tags (touches) another player then the tagged player
becomes "it". Fast paced and fun because the person who is "it" constantly changes.

Fun ways to choose who's "it"

Game Variations for the game of Tag:

Reverse Tag
Played like traditional tag, but reversed.
After "it" is chosen everyone else counts to 10 while "it" runs away.
Then all players try and tag "it".
When someone tags "it" then they become "it" and everyone then tries to tag them.

Pair Tag
Kids link arms with one other child and form a pair.
The first Tagger then tries to join one of the pairs by linking arms
with one of the children in the pair.
The other part of the pair that then becomes the Tagger.
Children must always be in a pair.
Having more then one person be it is a lot of fun too!


Rainbow Tag
Object of the Game: To avoid being caught by the rainbow catcher.

Choose a “rainbow catcher”.
They will stand in the middle of a large play area.
Next assign all the remaining players different colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
(Don’t let the rainbow catcher hear what colors each person is assigned.)

The rainbow catcher then calls out a color.
All the players that have been assigned that color try and run past the catcher to the other side of the play area.
The rainbow catcher tries to tag as many of children as they can before they reach the other side.
The kids who are tagged become rainbow catchers and stand in the middle to help tag other players on the next round.

Sometimes the rainbow catcher can yell “Rainbow!!”
and all the players must try and reach the other side.

The last person caught becomes the new rainbow catcher.

Rattlesnake Tag
Object of the Game:
Don’t let the head catch the tail of the rattlesnake.

Choose who will be the the rattlesnake head and tail.
Children then line up single file behind the head with their hands on the player in front of them’s hips - the tail will be the last in line.

When the head says “go!” the snake begins to follow the head while the head tries to tag the tail.
The players in the middle move around to keep the head from getting the tail.
The rattlesnake can not come apart.
If the head tags the tail then the head becomes the new tail and then person that was second in line
behind the head becomes the new head.

Freeze Tag
Played like traditional tag but when a player is tagged they must freeze in the position they were tagged and can not move.
The only way to become unfrozen is to be tagged by another player.

When the Tagger has tagged everyone and everyone is frozen they get to
choose who will be "it" for the next round.

Octopus Tag Game
Object of the Game:
Stay away from the octopus and the seaweed.

Choose who will be “it” for the game.
Mark two lines on each end of a large play area or field.
The octopus will stand in the middle of the two lines.

The octopus calls out “ Come _____ in my ocean.”
(The blank is filled in by what the players must do as they are crossing the ocean.
Hop, twirl, swim, run, run backwards, etc.)

Then the players must follow the command and try and make it to the other side of the ocean without being tagged by the octopus.
Any player that is tagged becomes seaweed and has to stand in the spot where they
were tagged.
In the next round both the octopus and the seaweed try and tag players as they go by.

Game Variations:
Instead of becoming seaweed the tagged children hold hands with the octopus and
help tag players.
The tagged players can catch players as they run by so the octopus can come by
and tag them.

Hospital Tag - or Body Part Tag
Played like the Traditional Tag game except when tagged players cannot use the part of the
body that you were tagged on
If  a player is tagged on their arm then they can't use their arm. 
If tagged on their left leg then they player can not use their left leg - they have to hop around on their right leg.
If a player is tagged on both legs then they must crawl on their stomach or pull themselves with their arms -
as long as your arms aren't frozen.

Other players can unfreeze (or heal) arms and legs by tagging the player.
Play stops and "it" picks someone to replace them when no one can

Blob Tag or Amoeba Tag
One person is "it" or the blob.
When the Blob tags someone they must join hands with the blob and try and tag people also.
They cannot let go of their hands as they are running after people.
Play continues until the blob has tagged everyone.

If you have a lot of children playing the game set rules that as soon as the blob
gets to be 6 people they must break off into 2 separate blobs of 3 people each.

TV Tag
When about to be tagged a player must sit down and yell out a TV character.
If they yell it out before "it" can tag them then they can't be tagged.

"It" must then run after another player.

Walking Tag
This is a silly slow motion game of Tag.

All players must walk during the game instead of running. 
If anyone is caught running they are out for 2 minutes.

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Tag Games

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