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Travel Games for Kids

Fun games for kids to play while traveling.  
These are our favorite games to play with the family while traveling in a car, plane or train. 

Travel Games

I Spy What you need to play:
Players and a window to see objects outside.  

Object of the game:
Guess the object someone has spied.

Set up I Spy:
One person thinks of an object that is in sight of everyone playing.

How to Play:
After choosing an object the “spyer” says “ I spy something _____”.
The blank is filled in with the color of the object.
Children shout out their guesses of what the item could be until someone guesses the object.
Great game for the car or traveling.

Cow Poker
Be the first to 100 points by counting cow and other objects along the way.
(replace cow with sheep, goats ... anything animal that will be abundant on your trip)


Players count cows and other objects (see below for point system) and try to be the first player to reach 100 points.   Players on the left side of the car can only score points for objects out the left side windows ... players on the right side of the car can only score points for objects out the right side window.   Passing a graveyard wipes out all the points you have accumulated so far - but only if someone from the opposite side of the car yells out "graveyard - you're busted!".   

Point System: 

Cows = 1 point each
Solid white cows = 10 points each (must be verified by other team)
Cows outside of the fence = 50 points each
Calf = 5 points each
Running cows = 5 points each

Road Map Hide and Seek
You'll Need:
1 or 2 road maps and pens

Try and find a place on a map chosen by another player.

First player takes a road map and chooses a city, road or town on it. 
They then draw a very small symbol - such as a "x" or their initials. 
Then they give the map to the second player and see how long it takes them to find the first players mark. 
If you have two maps then the two players can play together - both marking their map and then handing it to the other player.

Variation:  See how many miles it takes for each player to find the others mark.  First person to 30 miles looses. 

Alphabet Game
Be the first one to find objects A through Z

Players look out the windows and try and find letters in the signs outside from A to Z.  They must name the letters in order starting with A ... and ending with Z. 

Once a word is used another player in the car may not use the same word.  For example:  For the letter "A" players would look for a word with the letter "A" and when they find one they would shout out: " A in the Alabama sign ... or D in the Divided Highway sign ...etc."

First one to Z wins.

Variation:  To make the game last longer find letters from A - Z and then Z - A.  

Players take turns saying a country, city or state - the place they say has to begin with the last letter of word of the player before them.  For example:  Player 1 begins and says "Texas".  The second player has to say a place that begins with "s".   The second player says "Seattle".  The third player says "Europe"... and so on. 

If a player can't think of a word then they can skip their turn and pass to the next person.  Before the game begins choose how many passes a player can have before they are out. 

Animal Tag
We also play this game using animals. 

The first player says the name of an animal, such as "cow".  The next player has to think of an animal that begins with the last letter of the first players animal.  In this case they would have to think of an animal who's name begins with a "w" - such as "walrus".   Play continues until everyone in the car is stumped and can't complete the round.   It gets very interesting! 

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fun games kids play

Fun Games Kids Play
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