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Blindman's Bluff Game Rules


blindfold for the blindman's bluff game

Blind man's Bluff is a fun kids game that is played with a group of children and a blindfold.  The blindman's bluff game rules are easy to learn and fun to play for all ages of children.


What you need to play
Blindfold and a large flat space with no obstacles that is safe for the person blindfolded. 


Object of the Game

Blindfolded player tries to find other players and identify them.


Game Set Up

Choose the who will be "it" and blindfold them.


How to Play Blindman's Bluff


The first blindfolded player will begin the game by standing in the middle of the game area.

Turn the blind man around a three or four turns so that they become a little disoriented.

Then the blind man starts to count to 50 so that the remaining players can walk away from the blindman. 



Whereever the players are when the Blindman gets to 50 is where they have to stand for the remainder of the game. The players can try to move out of the blindman's way when they are searching for them, but they cannot move their feet. 


The Blindman calls out "Blindman's!" and the rest of the players have to answer "Bluff!"


When the blindman finds a player then they are tagged and out of the game.  The blindman then goes on to find all of the players.  The last player to be identified is the new "it". 



1.  When the blind man finds a player they must feel the face of the player and say their name out loud.  If the player is correctly identified then they are out of the game and the blindman moves on to identify the rest of the players.  If the blindman is wrong then the players are given 10 seconds to move from their spot to a different location. 


2.  At different points during the game give a 5 second interval where the players can switch.


Warnings: Blindman's Bluff should always be played in an area that is free of obstacles so the “it” will not be injured from hitting or tripping over something during the game.

A fun way to play Blindman's bluff in the pool is called Marco Polo.