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Freeze Dance Game


freeze dance icecubes

The Freeze Dance Game is a simple and fun game that only requires a space for players to dance and a source of music that can be stopped and started easily.  An adult will need to start and stop the music during the game at random times. 

How do you play the Freeze Dance Game?


The music starts and players dance freestyle to the music.  When the music stops all the players must FREEZE in the position that they are in.  They must remain frozen until the music starts again. When the music begins again all the players dance.


If a player doesn't freeze right away when the music stops that player must do a simple task before the next round such as 5 toe touches or 7 jumping jacks. 


Variations of the Freeze Dance Game


Here are our favorite ways to make freeze dance even more fun!


Follow the Leader

This version of Freeze Dance is played similar to the original style except the leader will call out styles of dances and the players must mirror the dance the leader is doing.  The leader begins by playing music and calling out a type of dance such as "The Floss!"  Then the leader begins to dance the Floss and the players must mirror what the leader is doing. 


Then the leader yells "Freeze!" and the dancers stop and freeze.  After a short time the leader calls out another style of dance and the players follow the leaders dance moves.


Some fun dance moves are:


Gangnam Style
The Shoot

Belly dance
Running Man







Bell Freeze

This game is played almost exactly like the original freeze dance game, however the music doesn't start and stop.

A bell (or clicker, triangle, a loud clap, etc) is used to stop the players from dancing and then unfreeze them.


Start the music and tell the players to freestyle dance until they hear the bell.  When they hear the bell they must freeze in place. When the bell sounds again then the players can start to dance.




Freeze Call Game

You will need music that has a good strong beat.  There is no need to start and stop the music during the game.


Players will dance to the music and then the leader will call out an animal, letter of the alphabet, number, etc. and the players must stop dancing and become the thing that the leader calls out for 8 beats of the music. 


For example the players are dancing and the leader calls out "B", then all the players would make their body into their interpretation of what the letter B looks like.  Or the leader could call out an animal such as a "Cat" and all the players would have to freeze in a cat position for 8 beats of the music.  After 8 beats then the players continue to dance freestyle.







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