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Red Light Green Light Game

How to play the fun classic kids game of Red Light Green Light. All you need to play the game is a group of friends and a large play area.

Red Light Green Light is played where one person is "it" or the Stop Light and the other players try to make it to them without getting caught moving.


Stopsign for playing the red light green light game



How to Play Red Light Green Light

The Stoplight will stand at one end of the game area at least 20 feet from the other players. All the other players line up facing the stoplight.
On a green light the players can move towards the stoplight, but on a red light the players must stop and not get caught moving.

To begin the stoplight will face away from the other players and say "green light". The players will move carefully toward the stoplight.
At any time the stoplight can yell "Red Light!" and quickly turn around to face the players. All players must stop moving. If any are caught moving the stoplight will call them out and they are out of the game.


Then the stoplight says "green light!" and turns away from the players again. The first player to touch the stoplight without getting caught moving wins and they are the new stoplight. If there are no players that reach the stoplight then the stoplight can choose to be the stoplight again or pick another players to take their place.


Strategy: Try and stop before “it” calls out - red light - so you don’t get caught moving.