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Red Rover Game

Red Rover is a classic kids playground game that is played with a large group of children and a big grassy play area such as a park or playground.
The object of the game is to call over one player from the other team to try and break through your teams wall.  These are the classic red rover rules and how to play.


Kids playing the red rover game


How To Play Red Rover Game

Choose teams. Each team holds hands with each other and forms a line across the play area from the other team. Both teams are facing each other.

The team who goes first will decide on a player that they want to call over to their team. Once the player is decided upon the whole team swings their arms and calls "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send _______ right over!". Fill in the blank with the players name being called.

The player that was call will run to the other team and try to break through the players wall, or where they are holding hands.

If the running player is able to break through the line then they get to choose one player to take back with them to their team.

If the running player is stopped and can't break through the line then they become part of that team and hold hands with the players that they couldn't break through.

A team officially wins when the other team has only 1 player left.


When choosing a player to call over to your line don't pick the strongest player that might break through.

When you are called over to the other team try and find the weakest link in the other teams wall to break through.

Take precautions when playing this game as it can get very physical and make sure no one gets hurt playing the game.