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Fun games kids play is the source for all the best children games for outdoor play.  Fun outdoor games, travel games, splash / water games and even how to pick who's "it" .  All the best jump rope rhymes, lots of tag variations and instructions on how to play jacks. Get the kids outside and having fun with these children's games!   Only the best games make it to the website - all have been kid tested and parent approved for outdoor play! 

Rules and instructions are provided for how to play every game listed on Fun Games Kids Play. 

    Outdoor games -   Fun games for the outdoor play that kids love.  Play them anywhere outside where you have several children and lots of room to run!

Classic Games - These are the old stand-by's we played outdoors when we were younger.  The best classic children's games that have stood the test of time.  Old favorites for a new generation. 

Have a ball - Fun list for outdoor play when you have a group of children and a ball.
Splash / Water Games - Cool things off on a hot summer day with these fun splash games for kids.

Jacks - How to play the game of jacks with variations included - indoor or outdoor play!

Travel Games -  For children and families during trips in the car, plane, bus or train. 

Jump Rope Rhymes - Favorite jump rope rhymes and chants - includes hand clapping rhymes too!

You're IT! - Fun and fair ways to pick who's "it" for children's games.

If you have a favorite game, or version of a game, that you don't see listed on the website - let us know.  We would be happy to include it for others to share. 
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Classic Games
Have a ball
Jump Rope Rhymes
Outdoor Play
Splash /Water Games
Tag Variations
Travel Games
You're IT!
Fun games kids play

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