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Alphabetical List of Games


All the games listed on the Fun Games Kids Play website in one place in alphabetical order. 

Fun games for kids to play inside and outside! 

Perfect games to play at parties, family gatherings, church and school groups, backyard, park, camping, team building and family reunions.   Get the neighborhood together and teach them all of the old favorite jump rope rhymes and variations on how to play the game of jacks!  

All the kids games listed have complete instructions, directions and how to set up and play each of the games. 

Variations on how to play are also included!


Alphabetical list of all the games on the Fun Games Kids Play website

List of Games

Balls - Games that use Balls to play.  Perfect for children of all ages. 

Blindman's Bluff

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Canadian Four Corners 

Capture the Flag


Follow the Leader


Handkerchief Game

Hide and Seek - includes variations




Hot Potato

Hula Hoop Game


Jacks - Game rules and variations for the game of jacks.

Juggle Circle Game

Jump Rope - Fun jump rope rhymes and chants.  

Kick Ball 

Kick the Can




Monkey in the Middle

Octopus Game

Playground Shark

Mother May I?

Red Light Green Light

Red Rover   

Relay Races

Shadow Scout


Tag Games  

Tether Ball

Travel Games

What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

You're It! 



Fun Games Kids Play
Directions, Instructions and Set Up for the best children's games