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Button Button - Who’s Got the Button? Game

 A fun game for kids using a button or other small object

How to play the game of Button Button:

What you need to play
Button (or other small object such as a penny)

Object of the Game
To find out who has the button

Set up the game
Children stand or sit in a circle with their hands in front of them - palms together.

  Button game

The leader (or “it”) takes the button and goes around the circle to every child placing their hands inside the children’s hands.

In one of the child’s hands they drop the button - but continue around the circle so that no one knows who has the button - except for “it” and the button holder.



“It” or the leader starts around the circle and asks “Button, button - who has the button?” The child guessing replies “ ______ has the button!” If the child is right they become “it”. If the guess is wrong the next child in the circle gets to guess. ** If you have the button and it’s your turn to guess you have to guess another child so no one will know who has the button.


Children stand or sit in a circle and pass the button behind their backs. The button stops randomly. “It” tries to guess where the button stopped and if they guess right they take that spot in the circle and the person with the button becomes the new “it”.

After the button has been passed around “it” asked questions (similar to the game twenty questions) to find out who has the button.

Warnings: For children ages 3 and younger use a larger object that doesn’t pose a choking hazard.


How to Play:

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