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Capture the Flag

How to play the classic kids game of Capture the Flag.  Fun group game that combines strategy, tag and teamwork.

What you need to play Capture the Flag: 
2 flags
- One for each team
- make flags from bandanas or old cloth.

Object of the game: 
Capture the other teams flag and return it to your home base.

  Capture the Flag Game

Set up Capture the flag: 
Separate children into 2 teams. 

Each team determines their territory and boundaries. 

Usually one team takes the front yard and the other team takes the backyard. 

Each team decides where their jail and flag will be located. 


The flag must be visible - it can not be moved. There is a safety zone around the flag ( a 10 - 15 ’ circle). The flags team may not enter this circle unless the other team enters first.

How to play:  
Send part of the team to “enemy territory” to capture their flag. The team members left behind guard their flag. If you are caught (tagged) by the opposite team you have to go to their jail. The only way out of jail is to be tagged again by one of your teammates. (Only one person in the jail can be set free at a time.) After capturing the flag the team member must make it back to his territory - without being caught - to win. If someone has the flag and he is tagged - the person goes to jail and the flag is returned to it’s original location.

Capture the Flag Options

Spies and Lookouts
When teams are placing their flags spies can be sent out to see where the flag is located - and look-outs can be sent out to catch the spies.

Jail Chain 
If the jail is far from the boundary line players can form a human chain from the jail heading towards the boundary. The more people in jail then easier it is to get rescued.

Jail Break  
With mutual consent teams can both yell “Jail Break!!” and prisoners are all free to run back to their home territory.

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