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Follow the Leader Game


Need to play  
Children and imagination - no items are needed to play follow the leader.

Object of game   
Try and follow everything the leader does.  Children line up in a line and do everything the leader of the line does.   There is no winner or loser in the game of follow the leader.  Children take turns leading and following.

Set up the game 
Choose who will be the leader. All the other children playing will line up behind the leader in a single file line.

Play: The leader leads the group any direction they want and tries to make up funny things for everyone to do after them. Skip, turn in circles, summersault, crab walk etc. If any player messes up or refuses to follow the leader they are out. The last one standing is the new leader.


Set time limits so everyone gets a chance to be the leader.

For younger children have everyone sing “We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader …. We’re following the leader where ever they may go.”



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