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How to Play Hopscotch

How to play Hopscotch  

Hopscotch is a fun Game for kids that uses chalk, a rock and the sidewalk to play.  

What you need to play Hopscotch:

Sidewalk, driveway or any concrete surface to draw the game board.

Sidewalk chalk

Small stones or rocks for children to use as markers. 


How to play hopscotch


Object of the Game

Move from the start square and back again.

Set Up:

Draw a hopscotch game layout on the concrete with chalk.

Number the squares from one to 10.

There are many different varieties and you can make up your own.

Each player chooses a rock for their marker.

How to Play Hopscotch :

The two basic rules to remember -
1.  Players can only have 1 foot in each square of the hopscotch board at a time.

2.  Players have to hop over the square with the rock (or marker) in it. 

First player throws their rock onto the first square.

They then hop over that square to the second square on one foot.

On double squares you must land with your feet side by side.

Turn around and come back the same way only when you get to the square with your rock you must balance on one foot and pick up your rock.

If completed with no mistakes then the player goes again and throws their rock to the 2 square and so on.

You may not at any time: step on a line, miss a square or lose your balance.

If you do any of those three things your turn is over.

If while throwing the rock you miss the right square or it lands touching a line then you lose your turn.

Game Variations:

Make some squares special by giving special directions for that square.
Such as when in that square you have to hop three times or spin around.

Play hopscotch inside by making a hopscotch board out of painters tape on carpet or tile surfaces.  

Use bean bags as markers. 

Make easy indoor (or outdoor) markers by filling small socks with beans or rice and tying the sock closed at the middle. 


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