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Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato is a fun game for kids of all ages!   It is easy to learn can be played with any object (ball, toy, stuffed animal).  Great for birthday parties too!

What You Need to Play:

Bean bag or ball for the hot potato, something to play music.  
Anything can be used for a hot potato - a doll, toy car, piece of fabric, etc.

Object of the Game:
Don’t get caught holding the hot potato when the music stops playing.

Set up the game:
Sit children in a circle facing towards the center with one of them holding the “hot potato”.



How to Play and Rules:
Start the music and have the children start to pass the hot potato around the circle. 

When the music stops the person holding the hot potato is out. 

Continue the game until there is only one person left in the circle.  They are the winner.

Variation of Hot Potato: 
For children's parties the "potato" can be any item - it make the game even better if an object  from the party theme is used. 

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