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Kick the Can Game

Fun Children's game that combines hide and seek with tag.

How to play Kick the Can


What you need to play:

Empty can and a large playing field


Object of the Game:
Kick the Can is played like hide and seek only players kick a can to avoid being caught.

Set up the game:
Place the empty can in a large open area. Choose who will be “it”. Designate a spot near the can to be the “jail”.

How to play Kick the Can


How to Play: The first player to be “It” counts to 50 while the other kids hide.

They then go and try to find the hidden players.

When they see a hidden player they call the players name and location.

Then they both race to the can and try to be the first one to kick it.

If “it” kicks the can first then the player goes to the “jail”.

If the player kicks the can first the they and all the prisoners in the jail are free and “it” must count again.

If “it” catches all the players then a new game starts with a new “it”.  

Variations of Kick the Can:

Instead of calling out the players name, the first player who is “it” must tag the kids he finds and they are sent to the “jail”.

Any player who has not been caught can kick the can (without being caught) and set all the prisoners free. 

After tagging or calling out a players name they have found, “it” must run back to the can, put their foot on top of it and call out “ 1, 2, 3 on ______” (fill in the blank with the players name) before the player who has been found can kick the can from under his foot.

This gives the player who is caught 3 additional seconds to get out of their hiding place.

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fun games kids play

Fun Games Kids Play
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