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How to Play Marbles

How to play marbles with set up instructions and directions

Marbles are a fun games that kids and adults like to play.

What you need to play: 
Marbles, a string or chalk for outside.

Object of the game:
Knock marbles out of the ring with your large "shooter". 

Set up the Marbles game: 
Draw a chalk circle 2 - 3 feet wide on the driveway or sidewalk or make a circle out of the string if you are playing marbles indoors.   

How to play marbles game


How to Play Marbles:

Draw a large circle or make a circle out of the string about 3 feet wide.  

This is your "ring". 

Every player puts in 5 marbles into the center of the circle.  

One by one players take their large "shooter" marble and flick it into the ring using their thumb.   The object is to hit as many of the marbles that are inside the ring and make them roll outside of the ring.  

Any marbles that you knock outside of the ring are kept by that player and they get another turn.

If a player doesn't knock any marbles out of the ring on their turn they have to leave their shooter marble inside the ring. Play continues until the ring is empty of marbles.

The winner is the one with the most marbles after all the marbles are gone from the circle. 

Decide if you will be playing for "keeps" or just for fun before the game begins. 

Marble Game Variations

Boss Out or Chasies
Player one shoots a marble into the playing circle.  

The player two tries to hit player ones marble - if they hit it they pick up both ma

If a player misses the next player gets a chance to try to hit the marbles.


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