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Octopus Game

How to play the game of Octopus. 

Fun game for children to play in the yard, park or pool

Object of the Octopus Game: Stay away from the octopus and the seaweed.

What is Needed to Play:
Large group of kids
Large indoor or outdoor area to play

Set up the Game:
Choose who will be “it” for the game. 

Mark two lines on each end of a large play area or field.

The octopus will stand in the middle of the two lines.



How to Play:
The octopus calls out “ Come _____ in my ocean.”
(The blank is filled in by what the players must do as they are crossing the ocean. Hop, twirl, swim, run, run backwards, etc.)

Then the players must follow the command and try and make it to the other side of the ocean without being tagged by the octopus.

Any player that is tagged becomes seaweed and has to stand in the spot where they were tagged.

In the next round both the octopus and the seaweed try and tag players as they go by.

Game Variations:

- Instead of becoming seaweed the tagged children hold hands with the octopus and help tag players.

- The tagged players can catch players as they run by so the octopus can come by and tag them.


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