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Playground Shark Game

How to play the game of Shark or Shark and Minnows


Set Up: 
This is a game for a large group of children.  

It requires a large area such as a playground, gym or park to play.   

On each side of a large play area draw or tape off a line.


How to Play:  Players line up on one side of the line.    Choose a "shark" to start in the middle of the playing field.    When the shark calls out "go" all the players run from one side of the playing field to the other.    The shark tries to tag as many players as possible as they are running past.  If a player is tagged by the shark then they too become a shark for the next round.

Play continues until all players have been tagged and in the middle trying to tag the last player.   The last player to be tagged becomes the new shark.



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