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Red Rover Game

What you need to play:
Lots of kids and a large indoor or outdoor play area like a park, playground or school gym.

Object of Game:
Break through the other teams line and take one of their players for your teams side.

Set up the Red Rover game:
Split kids into two equal teams.

Teams line up holding hands parallel to each other with lots of space in between.  


How to Play Red Rover:
The first team will choose a player from the other team to try and break through their line.

After the child is chosen the team will yell “ Red Rover, Red Rover … let ______ come over.”
(Fill in blank with the name of the chosen child.)

The chosen child will then run to the other team and try and break through the hands of any two children.

If the runner breaks through then they choose someone from that team to take to their team.

If they don’t break through then they must join that team.

The game ends when all the children are on one team.

Break through at the weakest point and take the strongest player with you.

If you break through then you can only choose one of the children you broke through to take back to your side.


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