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Relay Race Games

Relay race style games for kids to play

Items Needed to Play:
See individual games for items needed to play.



How to Play:
All relay race games are set up in the same basic way. 

Kids are divided into 2 teams. 
The children line up one behind the other in a line.  
One at a time the first child from each team runs the relay race, goes around a pre-set marker at the other end of the playing field and then back to their team. 
When they return to their team then the next player from their team goes through the relay.  

Play continues until one team has had all their players complete the relay course.  
First team with all players finished wins!

Crab Relay Race

Teams have to crab walk through the relay race course.

Chicken Dance Race

Players have to walk the relay course like chickens - in a squat position with their arms bent like wings.

Candy Tasting Relay

Small wrapped candies or chocolates
Pair of mittens for each team

The first player in line of each team puts on the mittens.  A piece of wrapped candy is placed in front of the players.  On the word "go" players try to unwrap their candy with the mittens on.  When a player gets their candy unwrapped they must eat it.  Then they take off the mittens and give them to the next player in line.  Play continues until all players have eaten a wrapped candy.

Crazy Water Relay

Two water bottles per team
One cup per team member

Give each team two water containers - one full of water and the other one empty.
Each team also gets one cup to transfer the water between the containers.
Teams sit down and line up in a straight line one after the other.   The first player will hold the container filled with water and the last person in line will hold the empty container. 

To start the first player in line will fill the cup with water.  They will then hold the cup over their head and - without looking - pour the water into the cup of the player behind them.  Then the second player will pour their water into the third players cup and so on until it reaches their empty water container.   After the first player hands off their water to the second player they can refill their cup and begin to pass more water as fast as they can. 

Play continues until the water from the first container is all gone.  The team who has the most water in the end container wins!
*  Play outside because kids will get wet!

Monkey Relay

Racers grab their ankles with their hands and have to race back and forth in that position.

Filling Station
Two large buckets for each team
One cup per team

Set up a course with several obstacles that the players must maneuver around while running the relay race.
Chairs, picnic tables, etc.
Each team will have a container filled with water and an empty container at the other end of the obstacle course.  The first player fills their cup from the water container and manuvers around the obstable course and then empties the water in their cup into the empty container.  They then run back through the course and hand off the cup to the next player in line.  Play continues until one team completely fills their empty water container.   Or place a ping pong ball in an empty container with a small opening and when a team can retrieve their ping pong ball (the water will make it rise) they win!

Sponge Race

2 Containers per team
1 sponge per team

Played just like the Filling Station game above only using sponges to carry water instead of a cup. 
Line team members in a line and have them pass the sponge over their heads instead of running individually.

Leaky Cup Relay

2 water containers per team
1 cup per team with small holes poked in them

Played similar to the Filling Station game above only use cups that have a few holes poked in the bottom and sides. 

Over Under Relay

Bean bag or ball for each team
Players of each team line up one after the other.
The first player takes the ball and passes it over their head to the player behind them.  Then the second player passes the object under their legs to the third player.  Then the third player passes it to the forth player over their head.   When the object reaches the end of the line play reverses and the ball is passed back to the front of the line the same way.
Variation - When the last player gets the ball they run to the front of the line. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Relay

A 25 to 50 piece puzzle for each team
One at a time players reach into a bag containing their puzzle pieces and take 1 piece out.  They run to their table and try to fit their piece with the other pieces that are there.  First team to finish their puzzle wins!

Waiter Run

Tray for each team
Ping pong ball for each team

One at a time players place the ping pong ball on their tray and carry it - flat palmed like a waiter - and run to a turn around point and back to their team.  The player hands off the tray to the next player in line.
If the ping pong ball falls off the tray the player has to stop and place it back on the tray before they can move forward.

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