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Tether ball

How to play the game of tether ball

    What you need to play:  Tetherball pole and tether ball.  2 players

Object of the game:  To wind the string all the way around the pole in the direction you are hitting it.

Set up the game:  Two players stand across from each other about 5 - 6 feet from the pole.  Players choose which direction they want to hit the ball - they must choose separate directions. 

How to Play: The first player serves by throwing the ball in one direction making the string wrap around the pole.

The opposite player hits the ball back going in the opposite direction.

Players continue to hit the ball back and forth trying to make the ball hit the pole going their direction.

When the ball hits the pole the player who was hitting the ball gets a point. 

Variations: Players must yell out a category before they hit the ball. Some fun categories are: Colors (players must yell out a different color each time the ball is hit), girls / boys names, fruits, countries etc.

If they miss calling out a subject or call one that has already been said the other player gets a free hit.





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Fun Games Kids Play

Fun Games Kids Play

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