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What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

Fun children's game - all you need is lot of kids to play

What you need to play:
Children and a large play area such as a yard, playground, park or large playroom. 

Object of the game: 
Children avoid being tagged by the Wolf.

Set up the game:
Choose who will be Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf and the children then line up at different ends of the yard. Make a line at the childrens side of the play area to be “home”.



How to Play the Game:
Mr. Wolf stands with their back towards the other children.

The children then ask in unison “What time is it Mr. Wolf?”

Mr. Wolf then answers with a time - such as “It’s 7 o’clock”.

The kids then take that many steps towards Mr. Wolf.

At anytime Mr. Wolf can answer “Supper time!”.  

When the wolf answers "supper time" Mr. Wolf turns around, chases and tags as many kids as possible before they reach their “home“.

Who ever is tagged by Mr. Wolf then also becomes a wolf and lines up with “Mr. Wolf” to begin play again.

The last person to not be tagged wins and becomes the new wolf.

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