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Handkerchief Game

What you need to play:
Handkerchief or bandana

Object of the game:
Be the first to grab the handkerchief when your number is called.

Set up the game:
Divide children into 2 equal groups and give each a different number.
One player on each team must have the same number.



How to Play Handkerchief Game:
Teams line up on opposite sides and a handkerchief is placed in the middle.

At random the “caller” calls out a number.

The players that have been assigned that number both run to the middle and try to be the first one to grab the handkerchief.

The player who grabs the handkerchief first gets a point for their team.

If there are a lot of children playing you can divide them into 4 equal groups and have them line up on facing each other - like the four sides of a square.


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