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Jackpot Game

Rules and directions on how to play the football game Jackpot

Children and a football

Object of game:
Throw passes that are worth different amounts of points for each one.

Set up the Game: 
Decide who will throw the ball first.  
Then determine what the winning number will be - this is the number that the children will get their points to add up to - 500 is a good number.

And also determine the bankrupt numbers - if at anytime your point total adds up to these amounts you loose all your points and have to start from zero.


Usually we play that 100, 300 and 450 are bankrupt numbers. 

All other players go a good distance from the thrower and get prepared to catch the ball.

How to Play:
The thrower then throws the football and at the same time yells out a number (25, 100, 30...). 
This is the point value of the throw and all the players try to catch the ball.  

The player that catches the ball gets the points and is the new thrower. 

Players can not go over the set winning number or they go bankrupt and have to start again. 

The thrower can also call out "Bankrupt" as he throws the ball and anyone who catches it loses all their points. 

Along with a number called out when throwing the ball the thrower can call out different ways the ball must be caught. 
For example:
Handcuffs - ball has to be caught behind the back
Seal - ball has to be caught with the palms only
Freeze - players have to freeze and catch the ball where they are standing. 

If the ball is caught differently then what the thrower calls out the catcher loses all their points. 


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